November 22


Humans are trying to go live on mars.

They are sending 6 people in a dome for a year.

The people living on mars are testing the tech.

Who thought of this test.

Why did use that design for the place to live.

Now i understand how where going to live on mars

November 17

My Poem

The view is in your mind.

It won’t go out, the view onto the beach.

The waves and the bushes rustle.

The smell of sea water surrounds me.

The adrenalin.

The taste of salt. Salty, so salty.

August 19

100WC Prompt why would i do that

I was running from the police and I was scared.

As I was running I thought to my self  why would I do that.

I was starting to run in to the woods so the police cant get me I was wrong they got on foot they were gaining speed very quickly hang on you dont know what happened so I was just playing cricket then I hit the ball and the ball went into the wind sheild of the car and he got really angry at me and so I ran for it.


August 9

100WC Flame ice lime reguraly clock

It was an icy morning as the clock struck 7:00 regularly people would be having breakfast now but it was a Saturday the best day of them all.

There was a home that was awake with hot flames coming from the fire.

At 9:00 there were lots of people up for soccer and footy but in the family home there was still a couple of flames left in the fire and then some sparks went everywhere and then the house went up in flames without the family even knowing. 😭🙁 when they got back they burst into tears.

August 5

100 Wc

It was a day like no other, the sun was shining and all the kids were out playing soccer, everyone was having fun but one kid, Trevor.

He asked to play but the kids said no, so he wandered off in the woods and found a random blue door with trees around it. It looked like a portal or something Trevor could not believe his eyes but he was still sad so he just kept on walking. But realised he should check it out so he walked back and did a circle around and then decided to go in.






June 16


Today I watched don’t panic.


some natural disasters are easy for some people than others.

if you live near the bush it’s very likely a fire is going to start.

you should not go on the roof in some natural disasters.


why did they try the natural disasters?

who had the idea of the natural disaster practice.


now I understand why natural disaster is good to practice.

June 12


it was an open goal all mandy had to do was kick the ball into it

but another girl put pressure on her and she missed, however, she couldn’t believe she had done to put her team 3-0 losing so the keeper kicked it out and mandy got it and ran 100m and took a shot and scored 3-1 kick off and the other team had passed for a minute and then mandy attacked but didn’t succeed to get the ball so they moved on to neely  score but the keaper saved the ball and they had another shot but missed.

June 3

100 wc

“Oh, im itchie aerggghhhh it’s so itchie what happened what did I do to deserve this help!!”

One hour later at the doctors…

“You have touched something that your skin doesn’t agree with.”

“I think they look like this”

“So im going to die.”

“No, you are not going to die you are overreacting okay.”

“So I need to go to the hospital”

“No, you don’t need to do that either so don’t ask about anything else although you could use some of this to help it not hefting as much as before that will be $13.90.

June 3


today I read disaster recovery.

Natural disasters can make a city go broke.

Floods can kill thousands of people and start quickly.

The army is a big help to natural disasters by saving people.


How do you know when it’s going to happen?

How do people survive severe natural disasters?


Now I understand what the army does to save their countries.


May 27


Ok, Iggy go back and stay there don’t push up like last week.

2 minutes later…

Iggy go back in the back yelled the coach out to Iggy.

Halftime Iggy I told you to stay back.

But I didn’t understand the instructions coach sorry.

So in the third quarter, Iggy stayed back and stuck on his player. At one stage the ball bounced up to him, he kicked the ball into the centre area but it was four opponents on one, unfortunately, he lost the contest and they kicked a goal.  The opposition was winning.