March 25


So today I watched a history of voting.

A fact: in the olden days, you had to be a man to vote because they thought women were too silly to understand voting.

Then the women protested some even faced arrest. It paid off and the women won the right to vote in Australia.

Although women were able to vote it wasn’t until 1949 that Aboriginals were able to vote, and then, only if they had served in the Army.

Why did they think that women were too silly to vote?

Why did they not allow aboriginals to vote?


Now I understand more about the history voting in this fine country that is called Australia.


March 20

100wc but how did he/she get up there?…

We’re up on top of the mountain with a leopard called, Dumford.  He was running ahead and then we came to a bog.  Dumford was ahead, up on top from us, but how did he get up there, I wondered to myself. Then I spotted something in the bog, it was long and strong.  At first I thought it was a tree but boy I was wrong, it was a piece of a cell phone tower, somehow it was down there in the bog.  I was amazed how smart Dumford was, I had never thought of that, so I grabbed the others and ran straight over.

March 6

100 WC – But what if I was in charge?

Hi, I am Rob and I have a best friend Jeff.  He is a chatterbox and he never stops talking, never ever.  He keeps on telling me stories he has told me a million times, even when I try and change the subject he just keeps on talking about it. He wants to become a police officer and I want to be one too so I want to be ahead of my game but if he was in charge he would never stop talking, but if I was in charge I would stop him from talking and I would give him special times to talk.

March 6

BTN- Levels of Government

Today I watched, levels of Government.

Australia was run by separate colonies up until 1901.

In 1901, the Government, as one,  introduced 2 new levels of government, Federal, State.

In 1970, a new level of government was introduced, local. They took care of basic needs in the local area.

Why were the states run as different colonies?

Who’s idea was it to run the government as one group?

Now I understand, the levels of government and why they were introduced.

March 5


Hi, my name is Mr Brown and I have a goldfish called Mitch.  I have had him for 2 years.  Once my neighbour, Mr Flew, through my goldfish up on the roof and this is when we come in, I went to get my ladder out of my shed but I realised I had accidently broken it fixing tiles on the roof, so I had to run upstairs and get a blow up mattress to put on the ground so I could climb up onto the roof and get Mitch.  I was terrified when I got up there, I didn’t know what to do.

March 5

BTN- Australia Day

Today I watched Australia Day.

Australia day was originally called Foundation day.

On Australia day in 1988 the Aboriginal people were protesting about Australia day, they were demanding there shouldn’t be a day for it because it was a sad day for the Aboriginal people.

Australia day was created because the English settlers landed on January 26th in Sydney. 

Why were the Aboriginal people protesting? And why didn’t they just join in?

Why did all the States have to agree on the holiday date?

I now understand why people don’t agree on Australia Day celebrations.