April 29


It was a Saturday morning. The sun was shining all over the city,.meanwhile somewhere in the woods was a tree that had legs. Living inside the legs were a family of bunnies. The family where were wealthy because they had invented robot legs. They could not move very fast, but they could still move.

The robotic legs were designed to help the rabbits survive in the forest, and not become dead meat. at the top of the legs was a capsule for the driver.

The family was headed to the grocery store to buy carrots for the winter.

April 28


Today I watched ANZAC day.

Anzac, great, great Grandfather fought in Gallipoli as well as other soldiers.

Anzac and his Father participated in the walk each year.

Anzac’s great great Grandfather fought in Gallipoli in Turkey, France and Egypt.

Why did he lie about being Aboriginal?

Why did he lie about not having kids and a wife?

Now I understand how ANZAC day is a big event in Australia.