May 13


okay, I just bought a new x-box so my bro can play too on fortnite so it said it would be 3-4 weeks on the web I can’t wait to play with him.

so in the meanwhile, I just played fortnite and it felt like forever.

so that day I told my bro I bought him an X-box about 2 weeks later it came my bro got it and didn’t know what it was so about a week later he gave it t me saying got this box for you.

When did it arrive I said.

later that day we played together.


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1 thoughts on “100wc

  1. libby2016

    Welcome back Iggy. Good to see some of your homework being published.
    Don’t forget where the full stop and caps lock keys are on the keyboard. I am struggling to read your writing as most of the punctuation is missing.


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