June 16


Today I watched don’t panic.


some natural disasters are easy for some people than others.

if you live near the bush it’s very likely a fire is going to start.

you should not go on the roof in some natural disasters.


why did they try the natural disasters?

who had the idea of the natural disaster practice.


now I understand why natural disaster is good to practice.

June 12


it was an open goal all mandy had to do was kick the ball into it

but another girl put pressure on her and she missed, however, she couldn’t believe she had done to put her team 3-0 losing so the keeper kicked it out and mandy got it and ran 100m and took a shot and scored 3-1 kick off and the other team had passed for a minute and then mandy attacked but didn’t succeed to get the ball so they moved on to neely  score but the keaper saved the ball and they had another shot but missed.

June 3

100 wc

“Oh, im itchie aerggghhhh it’s so itchie what happened what did I do to deserve this help!!”

One hour later at the doctors…

“You have touched something that your skin doesn’t agree with.”

“I think they look like this”

“So im going to die.”

“No, you are not going to die you are overreacting okay.”

“So I need to go to the hospital”

“No, you don’t need to do that either so don’t ask about anything else although you could use some of this to help it not hefting as much as before that will be $13.90.

June 3


today I read disaster recovery.

Natural disasters can make a city go broke.

Floods can kill thousands of people and start quickly.

The army is a big help to natural disasters by saving people.


How do you know when it’s going to happen?

How do people survive severe natural disasters?


Now I understand what the army does to save their countries.


May 27


Ok, Iggy go back and stay there don’t push up like last week.

2 minutes later…

Iggy go back in the back yelled the coach out to Iggy.

Halftime Iggy I told you to stay back.

But I didn’t understand the instructions coach sorry.

So in the third quarter, Iggy stayed back and stuck on his player. At one stage the ball bounced up to him, he kicked the ball into the centre area but it was four opponents on one, unfortunately, he lost the contest and they kicked a goal.  The opposition was winning.




May 27

herald sun

today I read

A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two


massive cracks are appearing in Africa and scientists think that Africa is being split into 2.

they found it after heavy rainfall in Kenya.

scientists say in 50million years Africa will be 2.


why do they think Africa will be 2.

who found this info.


now understand that water is very strong


May 22

Today I will be talking about scams that have happened and how someone has talked to my class about scams. And how they have happened to him before.

So 1 type is ransomware: it means to pay to use the computer for a

Today I will be talking about scams that have happened and how someone has talked to my class about scams. And how they have happened to him before.

So 1 type is ransomware: it means to pay to use the computer for a

12% of year 3-6 have been scammed.

How to stop this:

You can stop it by a firewall or put stuff privately or even lock stuff.

Maybe a strong password.

May 14

100 wc

Come on tiger go to your home in the forest.

I got to go home to do my homework so I don’t go to homework club again.
I’m sick of it I’ve been every week for the last term.

Next day

Here boy come out and let’s play come on I’ve got a quest (tiger loves quests so much.)

Oh, there you are let’s go  off to the caves.

Okay, today we’re going in to cave number 2 because last time we went to cave number 1 last time so come on let’s hope for the best.

May 14

btn/herald sun

Today I watched:

People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air


In Hawaii, people are endangered by a volcano.

Some lava rose to 70m in the air.  

The lava can reach up to 1150 c


Why does Hawaii have so many volcanoes?

How could they tell lava was coming? 


Now I understand how lava can move faster then I thought.

May 13

btn/herald sun report

Today I watched 

Extreme weather sees residents battling a cyclone in Darwin and bushfires in NSW and Victoria


The extreme weather hit parts of Australia, Darwin, NSW and VIC battling the strong weather.

The wind hit 130 km in Darwin.

The conditions in Vic and NSW changed fast.


How did the fire start?

How did they fit 20,000 homes and businesses in 1 airier?


Now I understand the dangers of natural disasters.