May 22

Today I will be talking about scams that have happened and how someone has talked to my class about scams. And how they have happened to him before.

So 1 type is ransomware: it means to pay to use the computer for a

Today I will be talking about scams that have happened and how someone has talked to my class about scams. And how they have happened to him before.

So 1 type is ransomware: it means to pay to use the computer for a

12% of year 3-6 have been scammed.

How to stop this:

You can stop it by a firewall or put stuff privately or even lock stuff.

Maybe a strong password.

May 14

100 wc

Come on tiger go to your home in the forest.

I got to go home to do my homework so I don’t go to homework club again.
I’m sick of it I’ve been every week for the last term.

Next day

Here boy come out and let’s play come on I’ve got a quest (tiger loves quests so much.)

Oh, there you are let’s go  off to the caves.

Okay, today we’re going in to cave number 2 because last time we went to cave number 1 last time so come on let’s hope for the best.

May 14

btn/herald sun

Today I watched:

People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air


In Hawaii, people are endangered by a volcano.

Some lava rose to 70m in the air.  

The lava can reach up to 1150 c


Why does Hawaii have so many volcanoes?

How could they tell lava was coming? 


Now I understand how lava can move faster then I thought.

May 13

btn/herald sun report

Today I watched 

Extreme weather sees residents battling a cyclone in Darwin and bushfires in NSW and Victoria


The extreme weather hit parts of Australia, Darwin, NSW and VIC battling the strong weather.

The wind hit 130 km in Darwin.

The conditions in Vic and NSW changed fast.


How did the fire start?

How did they fit 20,000 homes and businesses in 1 airier?


Now I understand the dangers of natural disasters.  

May 13


okay, I just bought a new x-box so my bro can play too on fortnite so it said it would be 3-4 weeks on the web I can’t wait to play with him.

so in the meanwhile, I just played fortnite and it felt like forever.

so that day I told my bro I bought him an X-box about 2 weeks later it came my bro got it and didn’t know what it was so about a week later he gave it t me saying got this box for you.

When did it arrive I said.

later that day we played together.


April 29


It was a Saturday morning. The sun was shining all over the city,.meanwhile somewhere in the woods was a tree that had legs. Living inside the legs were a family of bunnies. The family where were wealthy because they had invented robot legs. They could not move very fast, but they could still move.

The robotic legs were designed to help the rabbits survive in the forest, and not become dead meat. at the top of the legs was a capsule for the driver.

The family was headed to the grocery store to buy carrots for the winter.

April 28


Today I watched ANZAC day.

Anzac, great, great Grandfather fought in Gallipoli as well as other soldiers.

Anzac and his Father participated in the walk each year.

Anzac’s great great Grandfather fought in Gallipoli in Turkey, France and Egypt.

Why did he lie about being Aboriginal?

Why did he lie about not having kids and a wife?

Now I understand how ANZAC day is a big event in Australia.

March 25


So today I watched a history of voting.

A fact: in the olden days, you had to be a man to vote because they thought women were too silly to understand voting.

Then the women protested some even faced arrest. It paid off and the women won the right to vote in Australia.

Although women were able to vote it wasn’t until 1949 that Aboriginals were able to vote, and then, only if they had served in the Army.

Why did they think that women were too silly to vote?

Why did they not allow aboriginals to vote?


Now I understand more about the history voting in this fine country that is called Australia.


March 20

100wc but how did he/she get up there?…

We’re up on top of the mountain with a leopard called, Dumford.  He was running ahead and then we came to a bog.  Dumford was ahead, up on top from us, but how did he get up there, I wondered to myself. Then I spotted something in the bog, it was long and strong.  At first I thought it was a tree but boy I was wrong, it was a piece of a cell phone tower, somehow it was down there in the bog.  I was amazed how smart Dumford was, I had never thought of that, so I grabbed the others and ran straight over.

March 6

100 WC – But what if I was in charge?

Hi, I am Rob and I have a best friend Jeff.  He is a chatterbox and he never stops talking, never ever.  He keeps on telling me stories he has told me a million times, even when I try and change the subject he just keeps on talking about it. He wants to become a police officer and I want to be one too so I want to be ahead of my game but if he was in charge he would never stop talking, but if I was in charge I would stop him from talking and I would give him special times to talk.