November 22

Move up day#100wc

It  was a dark night and  blistering fog coming out of every cave.

I walked straight to one of  the caves  there was a ear deafening  noise #!$*hhhhhhhooooooooowwwwwwaaaaaa…

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooowwwwaaaaaa there it was again I felt like running but I couldn’t ! Then I saw it  was something in this cloak  then ran for good.


That night I didn’t sleep, I just lay  there under covers shaking I  felt like he was after me and I was going to be a goner.

The next morning when I was off to the cave I noticed the cloak the person was wearing last night.

I wonder what happened to him.

May 9

100 wc

“Ew, that’s  disgusting,  what is that?” I questioned.

“It is a deep fried Oreo, have a bite” Deylan said with a grin.

I backed away, I had never had so much pressure on me in my life.

“Okay, I guess it will be alright” I said nervously.


I took a bite, it was disgusting.

“I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting and ugly in my life” I said furiously.

“More for me then, yay!” Deylan said.

Deylan then took a bite of another one but he did not like it at all and said”that was the worst thing ever”!

May 5

About me

Hi, I’m Iggy and I like to play footy and I love technology. I also like to play soccer and down ball with my friends from school. On a trampoline I can do a back flip, I learnt off my cousin who learnt it from Youtube.  I play cricket for a local team, I am alright I guess but not as good as Steve Smith. I do swimming and I support Essendon in the A.F.L. See yo later.

Teachers Blog:

May 4

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